Welcome to Charlatan’s documentation! [unmaintained]


This repository is not actively maintained anymore.

Charlatan is a library that lets you efficiently manage and install fixtures.

Its features include:

  • Straightforward YAML syntax to define fixtures.
  • Rich fixture definition functionalities, including inheritance and relationships (fixtures factory).
  • ORM-agnostic. Tested with sqlalchemy, schematics, etc.
  • Flexible thanks to Hooks or Builders.

Charlatan is a library that you can use in your tests to create database fixtures. Its aim is to provide a pragmatic interface that focuses on making it simple to define and install fixtures for your tests.

Charlatan supports Python 2 (only tested with 2.7) and 3 (tested with 3.3).

Why Charlatan? Since “charlatan” used to define “an itinerant seller of supposed remedies”, we thought it would be a good name for a library providing fixtures for tests. Credit for the name goes to Zack Heller.

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